Baby Solama

Meet Baby Solama, cutie daughter to Solama and Solami




Baby Solama is a fun meme token deployed on Solana Chain, created and managed by an experienced team of trusted crypto marketing experts.

Safe and secure

No pointless utility that nobody wants, no funny business, just a safe and secure token with a great community and unlimited potential.


Our liquidity has been burned as a security and protection measure towards our holders.


Marketing team is experienced and will do massive marketing on different socials.


We have implemented smart tokenomics, this will allow us to fund a large scale marketing campaign while also keeping the liquid pool stable.


We have the tools, resources, and connections for big marketing, but ultimately community is everything in this project. Everyone is tired of getting rugged, pumped and dumped or otherwise scammed, so we are committed to do things differently. Our team is well known in the space and we have a guaranteed safe contract. Decisions are taken as a community. We are not just another degen project with a lifespan measured in hours. 

Phase 1

✅ Deploying smart contract
✅ Create Telegram
✅ Launch on Solana
✅ Create socials
✅ Organic marketing

Phase 2

✅ Project Website
✅ Post-launch Telegram Marketing
✅ Solana trending
✅ TG Community Partnerships
✅ Twitter influencers

Phase 3

✅ Listing on coinmarketcap
✅ Listing on coingecko
✅ Community competitions

Phase 4

✅ Listings on reputable exchanges
✅ Partnerships with Influencer
✅ Community vote on potential utilities

How to buy

How to get $BABYSOL

1. Download Phantom Wallet

Download the Phantom Wallet app or your preferred wallet from the App Store or Google Play Store at no cost. If you’re using a desktop, obtain the Google Chrome extension by visiting


2. Send SOL to Phantom

Transfer funds to exchange and then into your Phantom Wallet via SOL Network


3. Swap SOL to USDC

Click Select a currency and enter the contract into the search field copy contract address


4. Buy token

Set the desired slippage, click “buy,” and be prepared to adjust the slippage during times of market volatility if necessary.

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